Posted by: jackalmurdoc | May 25, 2007

how do you define a home…?



Define a home…. -> a home for me is more than a four corner space where one lingers while devouring time for self amusement, it is more than a sturdy roof that shelters me from the heat of the sun and protects me from the wrath of a the storm, a home for me simply is a sanctuary, a safe haven, a comfort zone so to speak, these words are not categorized to be common but for me it is actually simple to understand… Now I play my favorite song inside this void,… this so called home…. Now, while the people around are busy doing their stuff, and having the least mockery to scrutinize me while I repeatedly play the same song 5 times now, and to see and to anticipate on when will their ears begin to wary because of listening to the same tune, the same lyrics that is bringing them to a bliss of utter confusion, is making this worth my while … and now I am beginning feel an aura of complete disgust…. hahaha lol they are now beginning to notice the trance of an eerie environment only dedicated for the mentally ill… hehehe… anyways… I like the idea of having to set the mode for these two ladies here, which will eventually visit my blog and actually read this post… and when they do, a fist of unwanted words will be thrown at me and will eventually make me laugh my heart out… hehehe for the record I am not invoking any mutual misunderstanding here, this is actually a statement telling them how weird I am when I feel so damn worthless ahahha, one is now beginning to go with the flow of the sluggish tune of the song… ahhaha pretty damn neat for a simple programmer to make such a fuzz over… hmmm.. nothing hahaha… while I end my need for this mental fixation I will go back to the topic that I nearly forgot because I was lost by my lifelong profession(being crazy) hehehe,

A home is more than house, a home is where your heart is at peace and where one can rest after a long day’s work. That is the best definition of my home right now.. hehehe.



  1. have you heard the song NObody’s Home by AVRIL ? it always makes me think and ponder on how things had been going on in my life…

    i sometimes feel like i’m just like the wind, floating everywhere, anywhere..sometimes I feel that I’m just no one and I don’t belong anywhere except in my own world…

    a world that “I” and “me” only exists… a world that i call my home…..

  2. Dude this is somewhat like over board maybe you became so fixated in watching too much Short Bus Like Movies heheheheheh :D uli na dani sheet ka shot ta doi, or maybe mo balhin rako dana then it will be like home ei? savvy? ghahahahha

  3. hahaha looks like i have an avid fan.. i see u are fond of the oblivious ayt.. mattie? ehhe anyways to feed my mental need is the primary aspect of this blog… gots spider webs in my mind which I must clean and the only way to clean it posting it ryt here…so bare with me as I move along with my brain cleaning… :))

  4. hmm… dicki?

  5. wehehehe… ataya senti naman kaayo ka doi, hehe :D gravi jud ayo ang epekto sa cabitis bah? wehehhe :D mo uli pamo karon namonth mga dickoi? hehehe

  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. home is where your heart is…this peace is lovely…… good work

  8. home is very important… this is starrted our family… right????????

  9. Gosh!!I just love the way you define home, but still im confuse if I already find my own home. ;C

  10. How did you make a site look this good. Email me if you can and share your wisdom. Id be thankful.

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