Posted by: jackalmurdoc | July 20, 2007

so long… so long… [music stops]


………… after a tiresome effort of defending our flag from enemy soldiers, which ended up in dismay by the way because we never really won a single battle, but hey there were times when we nearly grasp victory, but it was not really ours for taking, for now… hehehe we will surely retaliate!!!, then wawa and I decided to take a break, a power nap if I may say, then suddenly I woke up a couple of hours later and asked myself how tired are we really?… to take a two hour break and waste our precious 2 hours of Beer Friday night where we should have gone drinking and ending up talking about love, hate and dinosaurs on our self acclaimed balcony hehehehe…… after a gulp of my orange juice I decided to write an entry here in my so called sick cycle journal because of one of reason… music… who invented them by the way?…. but on the contrary…. it is really hard for us humans to live without it… we, in our own rational way of living, music makes us calm and relax especially when we listen to our favorite songs…. but unfortunately for some, songs reminds us of some sad bit of data memory encoded in our brains and often times makes us weep over things and gives us the feeling of resentment over the things that had had happened…. anyways I just remembered someone not worth remembering, — a ghost of a good thing has just passed me by so to speak –… and until now its really difficult for me to just let it all stay behind………


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