Posted by: jackalmurdoc | February 28, 2008

sour graping?



I’m looking at you through the glass….

don’t know how much time has passed,

Oh God it feels like forever….

and no one ever tells you that forever feels like home

sitting all alone inside your head…

how do you feel? that is the question…

but i forget you don’t expect an easy answer…

when something like a soul becomes initialized,

fold it up like paper dolls and little notes ,

you can’t expect a bit of hope,

so while you’re outside looking in describing what you see,

remember what you’re staring at is me…

how much is real?

so much the question

an epidemic of the manikins contaminating everything…

with that came the heart, it never did right from the start

just listen to the noises… null and void instead of voices

before you tell yourself its just a different scene

remember its just different from what you’ve seen…

and its the stars, that shine for you…

and its the stars, that lie to you…


how long should I be looking at you through the glass?

maybe this would be forever like this….

and only the stars knows….

it alone knows how lonely we are…..

— through glass by Stone Sour


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