Posted by: jackalmurdoc | April 13, 2009

a new beginning!

My life @ Focus will end two days from now… I ask my self was the 3yrs worth it? well… after all the crazy things that happen to me here in Cebu and having work as the center of my life, I can say that working in my first company, has thought me all the important lessons in life on the aspects of loving one self, family, love ones, friends, making crazy life decisions, stupid ambitions, false hopes, weird dreams painful decisions, risks, moving on, being happy, ciggarette, alcohol dota, lonely, boresome, porn, pancit canton, escapades, heartaches, longing, money, hsbc, thousand lines of codes,being despress, misses someone special, mixed emotions, wishful thinking, and everything in between. Well that was the life for me for the past three years here in Cebu. I lot has happen. My life has changed dramatically, everything has changed but loves still remains, I found hon ope on a person hoping all will wwork out. In 2 days my life as a Focus employee will end, but will be the beginning of a new story of my life, a new chapter will soon open, and I’m ready for it. will be fun coz I will have more time for myself and others I hope hehhee, will be very busy at most but is manageable coz I will be at home most of the times hehhe… so for all XFocus pips I will be joining you soon, hoping for a reunion hehehehe.. chow!



  1. Ha ha, but I wish I could see the screencaps… for some stupid reason the photos won’t load for me. Click

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